At Revlon, we love the professional business. Creativity, innovation, talent, we love that. Hard work. We love that. Challenges. Courage. Madness. Experience. Yes, we love that too. We love those who enjoy what they do. Those who have the attitude, the passion and the commitment. And ultimately, they are the reason we enjoy what we do.

Through our brands, we make the most innovative products and services available to all the beauty professionals worldwide in order to fulfill our dream of helping people feel more attractive and beautiful.

Together we’ll achieve the results best suited to every man and woman’s personality and unique style.

Our values

A + I + D

  • Achievement

    We are here to win. Achievement is the passionate desire to win in the marketplace and to grow the business.


  • Innovation

    We are innovators. Innovation is the creation of new and better solutions to create competitive advantage.


    We drive for success.

    Decisions =
    Results if
    Implemented with
    Velocity and